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Our Bread

Styria Bakery II has been a part of Denver's culture for nearly two decades, with over 40 years combined baking experience between the head bakers, we have been known to provide uniquely crafted breads for our customers since day one. We proudly use locally sourced ingredients to not only provide us with fresher and better quality ingredients, but to also support the locally owned Colorado companies, such as Ardent Mills. So every time you purchase from us, you are not only supporting the bakery, but you also contribute to all the other local establishments that we support.


Our breads are handcrafted daily using both the classic sourdough method and a more modern potato bread method. We have had our sourdough starter for over 30 years now and the flavor only gets more vibrant the older it gets. This also means no other bakery can match the flavor of our sourdough because ours is so distinct. The potato bread is something you've never experienced. Using mashed potatoes to replace a percentage of the flour causes potato bread to be light, fluffy, and able to be used for sweet or savory breads. 


Potato Bread

Due to the use of real mashed potatoes, potato bread offers an incredibly moist and soft bread that compliments everything from the garlic in our Foccacia to the delicate sweetness in our Cranberry Walnut. 

Levain Bread

If a tougher crust is more your style then look no further than our sourdough selection. With our natural sourdough starter, which has been in the family for close to thirty years, our sourdough bread will offer the density and crust of classic European baking. The delicious flavor offered in our sourdough can be expanded upon with different varieties packed with asiago cheese, roasted garlic, or Kalamata Olive.

Bavarian Pretzel

Our Bavarian Pretzel, using the same famous starter found in all of our sourdough bread, is made through the traditional method of dipping them in food-grade lye prior to being baked, which allows the tough and flavorful crust you will need alongside your butter or mustard. 

Cinnamon Pretzel

Our Cinnamon Pretzels, made with a traditional krapfen dough, offers a delectably moist and flavorful dough that will satisfy the sweet tooth. Krapfen is a soft and fluffy Austrian-style donut typically served with cinnamon, powder sugar, and jam. 

Traditional Apple Strudel

Our Apple Strudel allows both the sweet and tart flavor of fresh Gala apples to compliment the cinnamon and buttery flavor of the thin layers of strudel dough in which it is rolled. Our Strudel is great for a slice of sweetness to start your day or with the after-dinner cup of coffee.


Stollen (SHtô-,ˈstōlən), traditionally a holiday dessert bread, is a butter-based dough packed with a wide variety of dried fruits, walnuts, and rum. Topped off with powdered sugar, Stollen offers the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor that will pair great with an after-dinner cup of coffee.

Pecan Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns traditionally come from the American Mid-West, but we added our own European flare by using brioche dough to give it a velvety texture. Using all-natural sweeteners like wildflower honey instead of corn syrup, these sticky buns are rolled up like cinnamon rolls and placed onto a sheet pan lined with our house-made caramel and roasted pecans. 


Our newest edition in our pastry line up is our scones. A traditional English biscuit pastry that offers the buttery, and flakey mouth feel from the biscuit with a pop of flavor from a variety of fresh fruits, chocolate, and citrus.

Check out how we make our fan favorites

Pecan Sticky Buns

Jalapeño Pretzels

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