Our Story

Klaus and Dieter Campbell were born in Graz, which is known as the culinary capital of Austria, and as kids were exposed to the finest artisan breads. When they moved to the United States and life went on, their career paths lead to separate corporate fields that left them wanting more out of life. Remembering their love for traditional Austrian bread during a ski trip in the Alps and their desire to create a family business someday, the Campbell brothers started their training to become professional bakers in Salt Lake City in 1998—deciding to learn the art of high altitude baking in order to provide a Taste of the Alps.


Dieter on left, Klaus on right.

The brothers started selling their bread as whole sales accounts to hotels, restaurants and ski resorts. Once they mastered their skills, they moved to Denver to officially start their own business. In June of 2006, Styria Bakery II was established on the foundation of hand shaping each loaf with quality ingredients that are natural and nutritious. The name of the bakery was inspired by their heritage. Styria is a shortened version of Steiermark, “The Green Heart of Austria,” where the brothers were born and still have family.  


For over a decade, Styria Bakery II has grown immensely and now serves six surrounding states with freshly baked breads and pastries through whole sale accounts, farmers’ markets, and trade shows. The business growth has directly attributed to each family member’s contribution: Shannon Campbell, Director of Markets and Sales; their daughter Erin conquering new territory at farmers' markets; their son Ryan is in the progress of earning his culinary degree; and their youngest son, Hunter, is currently at Metro State University earning his business degree in entrepreneurship and marketing.  

"Our growth can also be attributed to you, our customers. Styria Bakery II is committed to providing a Taste of the Alps through healthy ingredients while not compromising the quality or flavor and with exceptional customer service. All three of our children’s first summer job was working at a farmers’ market and our customers have watched them grow up. From our family to yours, thank you for continuing to support our business."

       --Shannon Campbell